Incredible Slimdown Exhilarate Dvd Zumba

The weight is over! Zumba Fitness brings the party home with the Incredible Slimdown 4 DVD System. Give your calories one last dance with this total-body workout. High-energy 30-second bursts help burn fat by combining cardio, muscle conditioning and interval training with some serious fun! See results fast, feel more confident and transform yourself into a happier, healthier you! 4 DVD's – 5 AMAZING workouts! DVD 1 - Quick Start + 20-Minute Express • Quickly learn the basic Zumba® steps with Quick Start, and then try your very first calorie-torching total-body workout! DVD 2 - Super Cardio Dance Party featuring burst interval. • Featuring Cardio Burst, interval training designed to increase calorie burn. • Give your dance-fitness an extra cardio burst while shaking into the sounds of Merengue, Salsa and Reggaeton. DVD 3 - Zumba Max • Give your dance-fitness an extra fat-burning kick with high-energy 30-second spurts. • Get ready to sweat it off with this super-high-energy live class led by none other than Beto, the creator of the Zumba program. DVD 4 - Latin Burst • Super high-energy featuring fast-paced music and crazy-fun dance moves! • Bursts help boost your results, so crank the fiesta music and let loose.
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